How To Skyrocket Your Sales with Public Speaking

Public speaking possesses a unique magic that can turn cold prospects into hot leads faster than any other prospecting channel.

Picture this: people walk into a room not knowing who you are, but within 60 minutes, they are eager to talk to you, set up a meeting, and explore potential collaborations.

Nothing else quite compares to the impact public speaking can have on your business.

So, why don’t more people leverage this powerful tool?

The answer is simple: fear. The fear of public speaking has been likened to the fear of death itself.

Another reason people are afraid to take the stage is impostor syndrome. I actually don’t know as much as I think I do. Or, If I were on stage, what the heck would I want to talk about?

I, too, grappled with these fears early in my journey. However, embracing public speaking has proven to be one of the most lucrative moves for my business. Whether as a health insurance advisor or a coach, public speaking has opened more doors than anything else.

A pivotal moment happened for me in 2017 when I secured a chance to speak at a benefits conference in Denver. Although I hadn’t extensively researched the event, I seized the opportunity.

The turnout in the room that day was smaller than I had expected, but despite my initial disappointment, I went on to deliver a presentation on building better health plans for less money.

The real revelation occurred afterward. An attendee, the Director of Total Rewards at PepsiCo, approached me. He appreciated my unique perspective on health insurance and invited me to discuss the topic further with his team. Now at the time, I was an advisor for a small benefits firm in Northern Colorado. How was it that a Fortune 50 company wanted to talk to me?!

This encounter illuminated the fact that public speaking could open doors beyond imagination.

Public speaking isn’t something you’re born to do; it’s a skill you can develop.

When delivering a keynote or a talk, remember that practice is crucial and content matters, but the most critical aspect is focusing on encouragement, entertainment, and education. By centering your efforts on these three pillars, you leave the audience feeling positive, engaged, and armed with actionable insights.

As you plan for 2024 and strategize how to surpass your sales goals, consider making public speaking a part of your game plan. Invest time and perhaps money to enhance your skills and get a clear idea of your message that will captivate the attention of the right prospects.

Above all, remember the secret sauce: focus on encouraging, entertaining, and educating your audience.

By approaching the stage with a service-oriented mindset, you’ll never deliver a lackluster keynote.

Embrace the power of public speaking, and watch as it transforms your business in ways you never thought possible.


Business is no longer about who you know. Business is about who knows you. In a noisy industry like we’re in gang, you got to get people to know who you are.

Time to take action.

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