Mastering Cold Calling with Effective Storytelling

I want to share with you a technique that transformed my cold calling skills and helped me become a more confident and effective salesperson. It’s all about leveraging the power of storytelling in your cold calling scripts.

You see, cold calling is something most insurance producers struggle with, and I was no exception. I used to be possibly the worst cold caller in the insurance industry 20 years ago. However, when I learned how to use storytelling and tell my prospect’s story, everything changed.

Every story has a hero (your prospect) who has a goal but encounters a problem that keeps them from achieving it. That’s where you come in as the guide with a plan to help them avoid failure and achieve success. The key is to understand that most of your prospects don’t even know what their problem is today. They’re living in comfort, and it’s your job to help them realize that their current situation is actually discomfort. When you can show them a solution that exceeds their desire for comfort, they will be ready to take action.

To create an effective cold calling script using storytelling, you need to have clarity on a few things:


  1. Who your favorite client is and why they are your favorite
  2. The problem you love solving
  3. A repeatable process that consistently creates wins
  4. What your clients’ futures look like when they work with you


Once you have this clarity, you can craft a script that tells your prospect’s story. Here’s an example of a script I used to use:

“I work with CFOs in Milwaukee who are frustrated because they watch their health insurance costs go up every year and feel like they don’t have an answer. Their only solution has been to increase deductibles and premium contributions, which isn’t helping their employees. I have a program called Empowered Health that teaches CFOs how to control their health insurance costs without sacrificing benefits. If you have 20 minutes, I’d love to show you what your peers are doing to leverage the program to control their costs without having to increase deductibles or premiums.”

See how this script tells the prospect’s story? It addresses their demographics, internal and external problems, an example of failure, and a successful result. When I started using this script, I became a much more confident and effective cold caller. I wasn’t afraid to pick up the phone anymore because I had a script that I could repeat every time, and I was telling my prospects what’s in it for them.

Remember, prospects take action when their need for a solution exceeds their desire for comfort. By using storytelling in your cold calling scripts, you can help them realize this and become the guide they need to achieve success.

So, take some time to gain clarity on those key points I mentioned earlier, craft your own cold calling script using the storytelling framework, and watch how it transforms your cold calling game. Trust me, when you’re confident in what you sell, everything changes.

Keep crushing it out there!




Business is no longer about who you know. Business is about who knows you. In a noisy industry like we’re in gang, you got to get people to know who you are.

Time to take action.

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