How To Create Content That Turns LinkedIn Connections Into Clients

Join Andy Neary, founder and CEO of Complete Game Consulting, in this informative workshop as he shares the four pillars of creating content that fosters trust with your prospects before you even meet them.

Andy breaks down the essential steps every insurance professional needs to know to effectively connect with their audience, build a consistent brand, identify their ideal clients, craft compelling messages, and prioritize performance over popularity.

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In this video, you are going to learn the four pillars of creating content that builds trust with your prospects before you ever walk in their door. Hi, my name is Andy Neary, founder and CEO of Complete Game Consulting, where we are on a mission to help 25,000 insurance professionals sell their first $250,000 of an insurance. And in this video, I’m sharing clips from a workshop we hosted in March.

Content mastery the four pillars of Building trust with your prospect before you ever walk in the door. Most insurance professionals struggle when it comes to creating content. They don’t know how they’re going to show up in the content. They don’t know who they’re targeting, what they’re saying, or where they’re going to put the content to attract their ideal prospects.

In this video, you are going to learn all four pillars. Now, before we dive in, in the video, I want you to go down and click the subscribe button so you can make sure you get all of our newest video content every time it pops every single week. Okay, let’s dive in to the four pillars of creating content so you can build trust with your prospects before you ever walk in their door.

All right, let’s dive in. So let’s dive into the four pillars. These are the four pillars we use here to build trust with our prospect before we ever walk in the door. One of the greatest feelings is when I get on a phone with a prospective advisor or agency and they say, man, I feel like I know you already.

So I’m going to walk you through the four pillars we use when we create our concept. Pillar number one, what’s your brand? When you’re going to create content, you have to understand what your brand is. Now that brand could be yours individually or it could be your agency, your company’s brand. But how do you want your brand represented?

And a very important piece of advice when it comes to your brand is make sure you’re consistent. If you’re going to create content through email or social media or webinars or speaking or podcast hosting any of those channels. If I’m seeing a different version of you all the time, there’s inconsistency. And that inconsistency creates a disconnect for me.

Consistent see with brand is everything, guys. Now, when it comes to content, there’s two questions I want you to think about. Number one, what makes you unique. So whether it’s you or your company, what makes you unique or is going to make you look different when you post content compared to others in the industry? The second question is what problem solve better than anybody else in your market?

What problem do you truly believe you solve better than anyone in your market? The two most important questions to building a consistent brand is what makes you unique, and what problem do you solve better than anyone in the market? Now? Pillar two who are you talking to? Have you taken time to identify the person that you’re trying to speak to with your content?

Don’t get sucked up in chasing likes and comments. Don’t get sucked up and trying to create a bunch of engagement with your peers. Questions I want you to think about number one, who is your ideal client? Who is your favorite client? Today? I want you to think about that. Who is the one client you wish you could replicate with that name in mind?

I want you to think about these two things right here. What do they look like demographically? What industry are they in? how big are they? Where they located? What job title does this person have? More importantly, though, who are they up here? Between the ears? That’s called psychographics. Who is this person up here? What do they believe?

What do they stand for? How do they make decisions? How do they treat you? What do they think about what you sell? You see the reason your favorite client is your favorite client actually has nothing to do with demographics. It has everything to do with psychographic. When it comes to who you’re talking to and content, you have to use psychographics as often as you can.

Pillar three what is your message? Your job in content, folks, is to be a good storyteller. What you’re looking at here is the seven part story framework that comes directly from the book Building a Story. Brick. This is how you tell stories. There’s a hero who has a goal, but they’ve got a problem that’s keeping them from the goal.

Therefore, they need a guide who’s got a plan that’s going to help them avoid failure and have success. When you create content, use the story framework to create your content, whether it’s recording a video, a webinar, a podcast. Guys, this workshop I’m doing for you right now, if you follow how I walk you through it, it is lit.

Really going through the framework. Everything you do with content is one big story frame. When you create content, you need to make sure your job is to tell stories. We like to say, quit selling pitches. Start selling stories. The magic in storytelling is done through personal stories and education. If you want to create content that’s effective, you want to create content that turns connections into conversations.

On LinkedIn, focus on these two things right here. If we go back to pillar number one, which is what is your brand? Who are you? Right? I asked you what makes me unique and what do you what problem do you solve better than anybody else? The what makes you unique is your story. This is where I’m giving you permission to talk about yourself a little bit.

Why is that important? Well, it’s important because I need you to get to know me a little bit. Because if I let you get to know me a little bit, two things happen based on who I am and what I believe and the things I’m into. If you’re a prospect of mine and you’re into those same things, or you have similar beliefs, guess what?

You and I are going to start liking each other. We’re going to start aligning. You’re going to start resonating with me, and I’m going to resonate with you. And over time, if you see that consistently enough, you’re going to start liking me. We’ve never met yet now the educational content is where you’re going to spend the majority of your time.

Why is that important? Because you got to teach your prospects. Remember, we trust people we see. We trust people we know and we trust people we learn from. Trusting people you learn from is a big component. So my challenge to you is how much are you willing to share through content, whether that’s social media, email, podcasts, webinars, public speaking, I don’t care how much are you willing to share, the more you share, the better this gets.

Now pillar number four, you have one job. Talk to your prospects. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Why? Because when you go on a platform like LinkedIn, you’re going to get FOMO. You’re going to want to create a post that all your peers like. But that doesn’t help you grow your business. The problem people have with good content that’s speaks directly to their prospects comes with less likes, and it comes with less comments.

But it works. So the biggest pillar you have to make sure you follow when it comes to your content is once you know who you’re speaking to, put the blinders on and just speak to them. It’s about performance over popularity. When you’re going to use content to grow your business, to turn connections on a platform like LinkedIn into conversations, into clients, you have one job.

Guys just perform. It is about performance. There is no such thing as a celebrity in our industry. You just want to make more money. You want to get more clients, you want to grow your book, and you want to grow your book with great clients because it makes your job easier. If you get laser clear on who you’re actually trying to attract and create the content that serves them, you’re going to attract the right people.


Business is no longer about who you know. Business is about who knows you. In a noisy industry like we’re in gang, you got to get people to know who you are.

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