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In this video, you’ll learn the four pillars of the perfect weekly prospecting blueprint.



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Most producers feel like they have the knowledge to win business. They feel like if given the chance to book more appointments, they win more. They’re just not booking more appointments. The solution I want to share with you is one I found in reading the book $100 Million Leads. I give all the credit to this to Alex Formozi.

He teaches marketing in a way I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone who has put it in a more simple, straightforward format than he has. It’s pretty impressive. It’s harder to get a prospect on the calendar today, and so we’re going to fix that. I’m going to walk through a strategy. I learned from him that will help you determine what activities you should be engaging in on a weekly basis to book more points.

So here’s what I want you to do. If you’re listening and you’re in a position where you can actually write something, I want you to take a piece of paper and a pen, and I want you to draw a big square, and then I want you to take that square and I want you to cut it, you know, draw a line down the middle, Draw a line across the middle. So you have four boxes.

What I want you to do is in the upper right corner of that square, upper right box, I want you to write cold 1 to 1 in the upper left box. I want you to write warm 1 to 1. In the lower left box write Warm one to many, in the lower right box write Cold one, too many.

So starting from the upper right, you’ve got a box that says cold 1 to 1 upper left, warm 1 to 1 lower left, warm one too many and lower right cold one too many. A good prospecting strategy touches all four boxes, so if you go to the upper right box in the cold, one, two, one, that’s where you’re going to put activities like cold calling and cold emails.

Now, in the upper left, warm 1 to 1 is where things like referrals go, email campaigns where you’re blasting out one email to a lot of people, but you’re able to personalize those emails so they look 1 to 1. But these are people who have put themselves on your email list so they’re qualified, they’re warm. So under the category of warm, 1 to 1, you have referrals and you have warm email campaigns, warm email messages.

Let’s go to the lower right for a second. The cold one to many now the most common prospecting activity or marketing activity that would go under cold one to many is paid advertising. People use paid advertising to get a message in front of a lot of people who don’t know a cold audience. There’s another activity that I feel should go in the cold, one to many that a lot of people don’t talk about, or at least put in this box.

And that’s public speaking. Public speaking is actually going to also go into the box of warm one too many. But I believe it’s one of those activities that can fall under the category of cold one to many, yet still be one of the most effective prospecting strategies you have because you can walk into a room. If you have a public speaking engagement, you can walk into a room and stand on a stage with a room full of people who have no clue who you are except for maybe the event planner.

And by the end of that talk they can be hot prospects. There is nothing that will turn a cold lead into a hot prospect faster than public speaking. Now, the last box, the one in the lower left, warm one. Many. This is the year I want to challenge you to dive headfirst into this category as hard as you can.

What should go under warm one Too many social media content, webinars, podcasts? Maybe this is the year you start a podcast. Public speaking, the most underutilized box in the insurance industry when it comes to these four boxes of prospecting is warm. One too many. When you decide to make a LinkedIn post and you put it out on LinkedIn, you already have a warm lead list.

It’s called your first connections. If they see your content, they’re going to remember who you are. You’re going to build name recognition with them. So why not make it a goal to build your connections with the right prospects? by the way, the LinkedIn newsletter feature on LinkedIn on LinkedIn is another way to build a lead. Those people are subscribing to your newsletter.

You can see exactly who those subscribers are. That is as much of a lead list as an email list is webinars. When people register for your webinar, there is a very good chance they know who you are. A podcast like mine, like you’re listening right here, is just another way to get your message out in front of a lot of people at the same time.

And then you’ve got the channel of public speaking like I share in the cold. One too many warm one too many is what you’re speaking in front of a room of people who already know who you are. Your credibility is off the charts. So when you look at this box, warm one to many, what are you going to do to go all in right here this year?

What are you going to do to build a better marketing plan? Yes, it’s going to require you to get outside your comfort zone. You’re going to start doing things you have never done before. In fact, when you try them the first time, you’re going to suck. But the victory is in keeping going in consistency, persistency and patience.

Business is no longer about who you know. Business is about who knows you. In a noisy industry like we’re in gang, you got to get people to know who you are.

Time to take action.

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