3 Sales Tools That Will Help Your Business Scale Faster

In this video you’ll learn about 3 sales tools you can use to shorten your path to success.



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The reason you are not selling more is because you are not doing the small things that lead to big success. In this video, I’m going to share three tools we use to make sure we are putting ourselves in the best position to win the sale every single time. See if you’re a sales producer right now and you are staring up at a big, lofty sales goal and it is late Q4 and you’re sweating because, you know, you are nowhere near hitting.

Your goal has nothing to do with your message. It has nothing to do with how you present yourself. It’s because you’re not doing the blocking and tackling that is leading to sales success. What am I mean when I talk about blocking and tackling? It’s how you’re controlling your sales process. So one of your biggest goals is you have to make it easy for prospects to do business with you and the way you’re doing it right now, I can almost guarantee you’re making it too hard for your prospects to do business with you and your sales process or lack thereof, is taking too much time for you to execute.

Therefore, you are not executing it the way you should. In this video, I’m going to share these three tools that help us leverage time, help us automate our process and ensure we stay control and control of our sales process. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating for a producer to have a lofty goal and know you are nowhere near hitting it when you know you are so much better than the results you are creating.

So let’s dive in. Tip number one, Use a calendar service. Now here at complete Game Consulting, we use one of the oldest ones out there, Calendly. Now, why do we use a calendar booking service? Well, couple reasons. Number one makes it easy for prospects schedule meetings with us. Think about all the email snowball fights you have been a part of, where you have gone back and forth with seven or eight emails just to try to find a time that works for you and the prospect with a calendar link like Calendly, you give the prospect the opportunity to pick a time that works for them.

More importantly, you get to control your calendar. What you see here is all the different links we use based on the different meetings we have. But this allows you, when prospects get to book time with you and it makes it easy for them to book time with you. The second reason we love using this service is because it creates automated email workflows.

Now we use the paid subscription, but after our meetings are booked with prospects, an email sequence is automated that goes out, that prepares the prospects for a good conversation. It sets the expectations and quite frankly, the prospect loves it because we’re respecting their time now. The second tool, I should say template we use here at Complete game is nothing more than simple automated email templates.

Yep, that is what I’m talking about here. Here is one quick example. You see, when we have our strategy calls with our prospective clients, we know there’s going to be follow up after the meeting That often includes email and instead of taking the time sitting down or writing a new email every single time, we already have automated emails that are ready to go, I should say templates ready to go when I get done with one of my strategy calls, I can go in, I can pull this template connection, call a follow up template, and I can copy paste, put in the new email address, personalize it to the new prospect and it’s ready to go

within seconds. I don’t have to put in the minutes. Yeah, minutes matter. I don’t have to put in the minutes to sit down and write a whole new email. So just using something as simple as email templates has made our lives so much easier and it’s allowed us to execute on our sales process more effective. Now, the third tool I am absolutely in love with right now, because this one allows us to leverage more time than any other tool we are using today.

And it is this tool right here. Video dot a I. If you are not using video and you are creating video content, I highly recommend you give this tool a look. Now there are others out there, Opus and a few others, but we have fallen in love with video dot II. This allows us to take our video content and cut it up into a bunch of different vertical shorts that we can post on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts.

And it’s so easy to do. All you have to do is upload or import one of your videos. You can import it right from YouTube if you want, which is beautiful. And what video that I produces is a I generated shorts. It goes into your long form video and using the air it says We believe or I believe this clip is going to be a very effective clip and it creates a bunch of shorts for you with captions.

And now you can go in and edit, you can pick different caption styles. It’s up to you on how you create this. And what I love about this tool is you get 75 minutes of uploaded content every month for free. So as long as you don’t go up over 75 minutes, you’ll always get free access. But this is a great way to leverage time and take one video and put it turn it into a bunch of shorts you can be posting on multiple platforms.

You see, selling success today isn’t about having the right script or the perfect script. When you walk in with a prospect, it’s about taking control of your sales process is about making it easy for prospects to do business with you and making it easier on you to run your sales process. So I hope you find these three tools effective.

Trust me, if you leverage them, you are going to get more done faster or you are going to make it easier for prospects to do business with you and you are going to stay in control of your sales process throughout. This is how you increase your sales in faster time with less effort so you can hit those goals you know you should be hitting today.

Business is no longer about who you know. Business is about who knows you. In a noisy industry like we’re in gang, you got to get people to know who you are.

Time to take action.

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